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I need the following tools for Finder.

  • Launch a Terminal from Finder.
  • Copy a path information from Finder.
  • Make a new file from Finder. (not a new directory)

Any hints?

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Launch a terminal from finder...can't you go to applications -> utilities -> Terminal? – Sev Sep 8 '10 at 6:11
i believe the idea is to launch Terminal with the cwd of Finder? – lkraav Sep 8 '10 at 7:57
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FilePathCM. FilePathCM is a contextual menu and menu bar item for copying the:

  • POSIX path
  • Server afp URL
  • Abbreviated (Tilde) POSIX path
  • POSIX path for
  • HFS path
  • Full name
  • Display name
  • Extension
  • Windows style path

of Finder items (files, folders, volumes) to the clipboard.

To create a new file, see this link:

To launch a terminal, I like answer from neoneye but I also use DTerm.

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I have no idea how to create a new file from within the Finder, however..

cdto logo


Opens Terminal and cd's to the current Finder dir.


cdff allows you to open the current Terminal dir in the finder.

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I would suggest you to use Path Finder

It is not a free application but you have 30 days to try it out. You can see a screencast here.

It enables you to do the following from your requisites:

  1. Launch a Terminal from Finder.
  2. Copy a path information from Finder. (I don't know what you mean with this but it sure does the job).
  3. Make a new file from Finder. (not a new directory)
    and any more...
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