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I often need to run multiple copies of an app, like VLC. For this I use the terminal and run a command similar to:

open -n /Applications/VLC.app

How can I create a shortcut with Alfred to run this one command if I type a keyword like vlcnew?

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I don't see a feature in Alfred that looks like it will enable that directly (though I might have missed it).

You can:

  1. open Automator
  2. create a new application
  3. add the "Run Shell Script" action
  4. paste in your command
  5. Select "Save..." from the file menu
  6. name it vlcnew.app

Now Alfred should find that app if you type vlcnew.

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Solves my problem, thanks! –  Phil Apr 6 '14 at 14:01

If you have the PowerPack, you can create a workflow.

Workflows can run bash scripts in terminal, post notifications etc..

Alfred workflow window

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