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Is it possible to give options to a Homebrew installation package from the command line, something like this (which does not seem to work):

brew install tesseract --all-languages

Or do you have to use brew edit tesseract and actually edit your desired options into the file that opens?

(If the latter is the only way, why did they choose to do it like this? It seems very cumbersome.)

EDIT: I did uninstall, then install again with the option added, and now it seems to react. 1. Homebrew should have been able to understand the change without uninstalling first. 2. I can't see the option thing documented or mentioned anywhere.

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brew info lists options:

$ brew info tesseract
tesseract: stable 3.02.02, HEAD
Not installed
==> Dependencies
Required: libtiff, leptonica
==> Options
    Install recognition data for all languages
    install HEAD version

Like the edit to the question says, if you have already installed a package and want to install the package with different options, you have to uninstall it first.

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