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When I search for files in Alfred, I’m seeing that words within files (like rtf files, txt) are not being searched where in Spotlight, by default it is.

Say I have a file called ‘file.rtf’ and in it is the word ‘meningococcal’. This file is the only instance of that word, on my whole Mac - and spotlight brings up ‘file.rtf’ in search results from 'meningococcal' but Alfred simply doesn’t bring anything up.

Is there a setting to fix this in Alfred preferences, or have I just discovered an inadequacy of Alfred compared to the in-built Spotlight?

Update (while formulating this question): I see that the ‘in’ search prefix allows this feature in Alfred. However it appears you cannot search both that way and for file names at the same time. I deem it a waste of time to have to type 'in' (or another custom character of your choosing) before the search term again after finding nothing via the default file name search, just to see that if ok, you don't have any files named with that word in it, you at least have something containing that word (both of which is often one's intention).

It makes no sense to me that the searching for contents within files should require a different search query than for file names. Google, Gmail, Windows (est. Vista and probably earlier), and OS X’s Spotlight, all have both combined in the default search. Alfred is supposed to do all Spotlight can do and more.

Is there still a trick to make it work, or should one contact Alfred support for a feature request?

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Contacting Alfred is a good idea. –  Buscar웃 Mar 21 '14 at 12:06

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