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I have a specific Mac mini server that does not send out email alerts, even though I have an email address configured.

I also want to note that I am not using the mail server within server.app. I have other servers that are sending email alerts correctly and none of them have the mail server within server.app turned on.


1) Do I have to enable Apple Push notifications and configure an Apple ID for this to work?

2) Do the email alerts go through Apple's servers after step 1 is configured above, or do they come directly from my server?

3) If they come directly from my server, can I specify a relay host to go through my ISPs SMTP gateway?

4) Is there any way to generate a test alert to test whether this is working or not? What is happening is that the disk on this server is filling up and I am not getting any notifications. It only happens once every couple of months, so I am never sure when it is going to happen.

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So what you really want is to have a message when the disk size reaches certain limit. –  Buscar웃 Mar 17 at 16:03
That's correct. The alerts are showing up in the server.app panel under alerts, however, they are not getting emailed, even though I have setup an email address under alerts \ gear \ configure email address. –  David Killingsworth Mar 18 at 2:46

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