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Frequently I need to add or post an image to various applications. Sometimes I want to take a simple snapshot of something in front or behind me. To do this, I need to open Photo Booth, take an image, and then select the file from the photo selection dialog in the application.

Is there any way from Finder, or the file selection screen, that I can simply choose an image by taking a quick snapshot from the embedded camera in the MacBook?

I'm not opposed to a 3rd party tool that does this but I'm hoping there is a canned solution that works within OS X.

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Finder can't do it on its own. The fastest method that doesn't require a 3rd party app is Photo Booth. Once you've taken the picture you can right click (or control click) on it and choose Export.

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You can just drag and out of the camera roll, which is even faster – AMomchilov Mar 12 '14 at 23:37

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