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I need a program to remote control my (new) Apple TV from my macbook.

I know I can control it from my iPhone using Remote. Does exists a similar software for mac osx?

I want to be able to watch youtube videos in Apple TV, and make searches in youtube using my macbook keyboard.

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You could try AirFlick, which will play/stream files from your Mac to your Apple TV using Airplay. It supports specifying a URL to stream content but I'm not sure if it works with youtube URLs. Worth a try as the app is free.

[Edit] Just confirmed it does work with YouTube URLs but it first downloads the video content (h.264 version) and then streams it to the TV2. So makes it less useful than browsing YouTube on the TV itself.

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You can use your Mac as a Bluetooth keyboard for your Apple TV. I.e. type on your Mac's keyboard to have text appear on Apple TV.

For this you need Type2Phone ( ) from the Mac App Store.

Full disclosure: I am the developer of Type2Phone.

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2 years later I seek the same.. and the solution:


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