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I just renewed my SMIME email certificate after the previous one expired.

Now any new mail I write in Mail.app simply disappears after I close and reopen Mail.app. They are not deleted (Trash or in Spam), simply no sign of them.

It doesn't matter if I "encrypted", "signed" or not.

Drafts seem to be un-touched. (Until I try to send them)

My Mail.app is set to sync with Gmail servers. And the mail does get delivered to recipients it appears, including to my iPhone which I share the .p12 identity with.

But closing and re-opening Mail deletes anything Sent/Received from/to my email address.

I tried to fix this by deleting the previous expired SMIME Certificate /private key pair, but that did not resolve. I backed up that identity so I could hopefully read that old mail if needed in the future.

EMails received from other accounts seem to not 'disappear'. If I reply to them, naturally my reply disappears.

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