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I still have my old iPhone 3gs (AT&T) with iOS 6. I have a back up of it as well. I also have a iPhone 4s (Sprint) with iOS 7.

Can I grab the ipsw file off my iPhone 3gs and install it on my iPhone 4s?

I will not install any ipsw from the net. It is not worth the risk of getting an infected or spyware file.

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No, even if you obtained the IPSW, it would not install since there are different IPSWs for different devices.

You can check the authenticity of an IPSW per this question:

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I was afraid of that. Thank You – Rich Mar 14 '14 at 2:50

Here is a reputable website that gives a lot of information about each IPSW, and it gives you the direct link to the file on Apple's servers for each one. Famous jailbreakers @icj_ and @iH8sn0w run the website.

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Thank You. I am reluctant to use any file not from apple itself. – Rich Mar 14 '14 at 2:49

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