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I am looking for a game and/or tool (either one is fine, as long as it serves the educational purpose of teaching) the user/starter, to get used to type on a keyboard, then later advances their speed and precision step by step in an efficiently manner.

If you know any good ones, that come close or have some of the features listed below, 
please feel free to mention them!
  • The program should have a visual feedback mode, in form of a history, that shows the user the progress/learning curve.
  • Also some kind of a rewarding system, like we know it in games (perks/badges etc..) that keeps the user interested and motivated would be nice and useful to have.
  • The game/tool ought to be user friendly, simple and structured GUI.
  • I like the idea also, to have an option, to load/add individualized exercises in form of (xml/html/plain-text), the user can identify with and integrate in their daily chore-coverage (school task..)
  • Languages preferred are: English, German, French
  • It doesn't have to be freeware at all!!

I hope this is not to much off-topic, since this question is quite demanding.

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