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I want to know how to force iTunes Match to refresh meta information, assuming it uses cached, outdated information.

This is an album in iTunes on the Mac: Album in iTunes/Mac Note it has 21 songs.

What is supposed to be the same album on my iPhone:

Same album in Music.app/iPhone

There are a few things wrong here:

  • Album title: (Deluxe) suffix on the iPhone (first screen)
  • Only 20 songs here: Song #8 is missing because it's part of another "album" (second screen)
  • Strangely enough, the single's "album" is grouped under M for no apparent reason (last screen)

How this came together:

  • I purchased the single first
  • Purchased the album later
  • Automatic Downloads were enabled for Music in the iTunes & App Store settings on the iPhone

After I purchased the album, I updated the meta information on my Mac to make sure I have one album, but it never got updated on the iPhone (it did, however, on another Mac). Things I've tried to resolve it:

  • Delete/redownload the files on the phone
  • Went to a Genius who disabled/re-enabled iTunes Match, which completely broke everything (only a fraction of my library was showing). After a mix of disabling/enabling/rebooting I got to the same state as before.

It's not the only album that I have this problem with, but it only happens to albums that I've downloaded from the store*. After turning off automatic downloads for music, it hasn't happened again. For some albums I have had problems with, the issue has resolved over (quite some) time automatically - for others it hasn't. For the majority of songs, when I edit their meta tags, the changes are synced without problems.

Which leads me to the beginning of my post: Is there a way to delete any local caches iTunes Match may have on the phone? Apparently, disabling/enabling iTunes Match doesn't do the job, although it takes a while to re-initialise.

I use iOS 7.0.4, but the problem has existed for a while, I believe even before iOS 7.

*Note: I guess the same problem could occur with other music, but it never downloads automatically...

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