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I've been looking for answer on the web now for a few hours and can't find what im looking for. What i want to do is move each file in a directory to a new folder using the name of the file, excluding the extension.

/Movies/Filname.avi ---> /Movies/Filename/Filename.avi

I know how to do each individual file, but can i do it reclusively for the whole folder using one command or a script.

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Can you please post your script as an answer instead of adding it to the question? Would make it easier to other users to understand what's going on. – patrix Feb 18 '14 at 8:57

This should do the trick.

shopt -s nullglob    #avoid problems in directory with no files
ext=avi              #the file extension to search for
for f in *.$ext; do
    d="${f##/}"      #gives us just the filename
    d="${d%.$ext}"   #strips the file extension
    mkdir "$d"       #makes the directory
    mv "$f" "$d/$f"  #moves the file
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In the end I decided to write my own, not bad only that i have multiple extensions. I'll post my script in a few hours, when I am allowed – moosethemucha Feb 18 '14 at 6:42

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