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I'm I missing something basic or is there no way to see the the date stamp on a pictures taken with or synced to the iPhone?

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iPhoto for iPhone will also show you this along with many other details about the photo (ISO, shutter speed, etc) if you prefer to stick with Apple written applications.

I have started to use iPhoto as a replacement for Photos on my iPhone!

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You are not missing anything, the iPhone has no mechanism to see that information natively. However, if you search for EXIF on the App Store, there are a few (some free) apps that will happily do that in the device itself.

You must note that, due to the way iTunes work, pictures coming from iTunes will not have their metadata associated. Sad but true.

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To view the EXIF data (time taken, GPS coordinates, and other values) of your photos on the iPhone you will need a 3'rd party application. I could only find these two on the app store:

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Wow, that Exif Wizard is sweet as hell! Thanks a ton for that helpful link, I can't believe Apple doesn't have that functionality built into the OS by default. –  Syclone0044 Nov 6 '11 at 9:08

Instead of looking on App Store for EXIF, also search for term 'metadata'... there is a free app named 'Photo Metadata Viewer' from Boxo (??) that dumps this info to screen for fairly easy reading. NOT fancy, but free.

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Some other camera apps give access to EXIF data. Camera+, for example, has an info button in its lightbox picture-viewer which shows EXIF data and even shows a map detailing where that picture was taken.

Note this is helpful even if you're looking for EXIF data in photos taken with standard iOS photo services, embedded in some other app, as Camera+ can import images from the iPhone's standard Camera Roll.

(I have no connection to Camera+ except as a satisfied user)

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Another third party solution (of which I feel obliged to confess I created) is Photo Timestamps. It's an elegant solution to this problem- it displays your photos in a 3 photo grid with the timestamp displayed over the photo's thumbnail

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