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I would like my Mac to play a sound when certain email arrives. For example if the subject contains "xyz", play "mycustomsound.mp3".

Any easy way to do this?

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Assuming your using, add a mail rule.

Go to Mail -> Preferences -> Rules. Add a rule based on your criteria (Subject Contains | Is Equal To | Starts with "xyz").

Under "Perform the following action" select "Play sound". You can choose a preset sound or select "Add/Remove" to set your own custom sound.

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Thanks, just what I needed. Worth adding there is a bug in Mail where it will not play sounds on new mail if fetched by IMAP "idle" method rather than polling (see Instead, I made an applescript to play a sound and called that in the Mail Rule, which works fine. – Nick Moore Apr 15 '11 at 18:57

You can change ALL your Mail sound alerts by doing this: Right Click the - choose 'Show Package Contents' Navigate to 'Resources'. There are 4 .aiff files: Mail Fetch Error.aiff Mail Sent.aiff New Mail.aiff (That's the one you can change via the Mail, Preferences, General interface) No Mail.aiff Trash whichever one you want to change: you'll need your Administrator password Find, create, whatever sound file (It must be the same format, ie: .aiff) Rename it to the one above that you trashed Transfer it to the Resources window Confirm your admin password.

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