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My iTunes library contains (1) purchased music from the iTunes Store and (2) music that is not from the iTunes Store (like mp3 files ripped from CDs). I am subscribed to iTunes Match. Furthermore I assume all (non-purchased) songs are correctly matched by iTunes Match.

In this situation, is my iTunes library completely replaceable by iTunes Match? I.e., when switching Macs, can I simply enable iTunes Match and not bother about migrating the iTunes Library folder?

My greatest concern is about iTunes LPs and digital booklets that were included with albums purchased from the iTunes Store will not show up again. Anyone who knows this for sure?

Update: I have just confirmed that digital booklets are indeed not available for re-download (neither through Purchases, nor via iTunes Match). It seems like I should manually import all booklet PDFs and then assign the right metadata (artist and album) to make sure they show up for the right album. Great, now I know why I'm paying for music again…

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