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Is there an application to preview markdown files (.md files) on OSX (for instance on Maverick)?

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The superuser question, Markdown Live Preview Editor?, provides a wealth of options:

In additional to those, you can install a markdown QuickLook plugin for Finder based previews.





Marked 2

enter image description here

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The QuickLook plug-in does not work with Mavericks. – Colas Feb 24 '14 at 12:56
Regarding the QuickLook plug-in, please consider adding your voice to; or, as the project is open source, having a go at fixing up the code. – Graham Miln Feb 24 '14 at 15:54

The perfect preview tool for Markdown is Marked 2 which gives a preview of your Markdown and watches the file so that every time you save in an editor your preview is updated.

It also supports custom pre-processors so you can use extra markup such as critic, custom CSS so you can have a preview that looks however you wish and tools to export the result in a variety of formats. It can even track an entire folder and start previewing a different file when you start to edit it.

Taken together all that means that you can write your Markdown in any editor you like and preview and output easily.

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I would like to add the excellent - and open source - MacDown to the list.

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If you are using sublimetext, then you can use MARKDOWN PREVIEW package from package manager.

it has multiple styles like GITHUB, HTML and etc.

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If you're using the Terminal, I made a thing in Node.

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