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There is this other question that asks about What OS X and iOS software combination tracks finances?

But most of the software listed there is much to powerful (and complicated) for me. I just tried out the demo for YNAB, but I can't get my head around that software. What the hell is a budget, anyway?

All I want is a very simple tool that allows me to:

  • begin with a starting balance
  • enter monthly income (salary)
  • enter monthly expenses (rent, health insurance, telephone)
  • optional: with date
  • optional: quarterly / yearly payments
  • optional: enter an end date for these monthly monetary flows (e.g. a loan that will be paid at a certain date)
  • enter spendings on my mobile phone as they happen
  • calculate a live balance and display it

I don't want to:

  • track stocks
  • create a savings plan
  • connect to my bank account
  • any other stuff


  • looks nice
  • exports / saves to file in a format that other software can read (e.g. csv, MySQL database)

I would use an Excel sheet, if I didn't want to use it on my mobile phone.

Any suggestions?

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It's not mac specific, but I'd recommend checking out I was originally skeptical of letting a service connect to my bank accounts, but after using for a little while I am now a believer. If you categorize your transactions for a month or two it learns, and you'll find that you need to spend less and less time manually entering data.

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I'm not in the US (nor Canada) and cannot use Mint. I need software that does not require a US bank account. – what Feb 8 '14 at 7:27

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