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My iPhone's calendar, configured by me to start week Sundays, suddenly started starting week Mondays. I cannot find the setting to configure this any more. I found when I switch the phone's region settings from Irish (I am in Ireland) to US, the weeks start Sunday again, but then PM times are shown as 4:06 (rather than 16:06).

What can I do to have my weeks shown properly and the time in 24 hours and remain in my local region?

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24-hour vs 12-hour time is set in Settings=>General=>Date & Time:

24-hour time setting

The Sunday vs. Monday thing may be entirely dependent upon the International setting; there's no explicit place to change it, anyway.

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Thanks. Setting the phone to US region and making the change you describe fixed the issue. I wonder why my week was changed to start on Monday and why the configuration option for that is is the region change... – Andrew J. Brehm Apr 14 '11 at 16:08

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