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Currently have OSX Lion 10.7.5 and everything is hunky dory.

I upgraded to Mavericks when it first came out and my iMail for work will NOT accept my pswd.

Figured I'd restore to my Lion and everything was fine again. Upgraded to Mountain Lion instead and iMail (plus Thunderbird client) still won't pull in my iMail. I reconfigured my iMail settings. Removed my account and recreated to no avail.

iMail Specs: POP3 account. Incoming mail is the same as my outgoing mail server. Usn and pswd is the same as always. Checked with the admins at work and my account shows as fine. Not receiving nay warnings or erros and no flags show up for my admins.

I deleted my iMail log from my Keychain App thinking that would be the problem and still didn't work.

Conclusion: Upgraded twice and downgraded twice. I'd like Mavericks. Any suggestions or similar problems? Why would any OS upgrade give my mail client a hickup? ALSO, I remember I tried Mozilla Thunderbird(?) client a go and still did not allow me to pull in my mail, nor send.

Does anybody have experience with this or know the step by step I need to take in order to make this work, besides wiping my system?

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