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I have an Apple bluetooth keyboard (A1255) paired to my iPad. Pressing the keyboard's eject button lets me hide or display the virtual keyboard. It makes sense to hide it with the external keyboard attached.

Is there a way to turn the virtual keyboard back on, while the BT keyboard is still paired, but without having physical access to the BT keyboard?

The reason I ask is because the keyboard can remain paired to the iPad throughout my whole house, so it's easy for the two to be physically separated by a few rooms or a floor but still paired.

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This is an important missing feature! I would be surprise if no one has addressed the need to bring back the soft keyboard a will. – themirror Oct 20 '11 at 23:30
have you tried Shift + Cmd + K? that's the combination used by the iPhone simulator (I don't know if it works on an actual device) – simpleBob Jan 25 at 16:22

If a Bluetooth keyboard is paired and connected, the On Screen Keyboard hides unless called upon, which is only doable from the Bluetooth Keyboard.

The solution to your problem is to turn off the keyboard when you're leaving to another room, or turn off Bluetooth on the iPad. It's as simple, or as hard, as that. But there's really no better way.

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The easiest answer without having access to the keyboard or Jailbreaking is to simply swipe up for control center (available starting with iOS 7 in September of 2013), then tap the Bluetooth icon to toggle bluetooth off. This will disconnect your keyboard, and will allow the software keyboard to return to the screen.

When you are near your keyboard again, turning Bluetooth back on will quickly reconnect and return you to your prior state.

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Not a perfect answer, but if you have a jailbroken iPad with SBSettings installed you could get pretty close to a quick & easy solution. The only other option I know of is to go turn Bluetooth off in the Settings app, go back to your other app, and then turn Bluetooth back on when done.

For a jailbroken app, though, life is simpler:

  • Double-tap your status bar to activate SBSettings
  • Click "Bluetooth" to turn Bluetooth OFF
  • Hide the SBSettings window
  • Type away on your Virtual Keyboard (it should have popped up on its own, but not always. You might have to exit the text field and tap back into it.)
  • Repeat the above process (Double-tap status bar, click "Bluetooth") to re-enable Bluetooth.

Your keyboard will remain paired, though unusable, of course, while Bluetooth is off. Once turned back on again, your keyboard should pair with the iPad again the next time you use it.

(IIRC, you should only have to jailbreak and install SBSettings in Cydia. There are other toggles you can add to SBSettings, but Bluetooth should come pre-installed with SBSettings.)

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