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I've developed a linux based system that needs to be demoed to clients in an environment where there is no internet coverage at all.

The system runs on Debian in a Parallels virtual machine on my Macbook air, Parallels gives it a fixed IP of

I need to show the UI from Chrome on my Macbook Air and also Safari on an iPad.

Chrome on the Macbook is no problem as takes me to the webserver on the VM via the parallels bridge.

However, I cannot think of a straightforward way of getting to this VM from the ipad. I've tried using internet connection sharing, but this will not work as the Macbook Air does not have an internet connection. Even when it does the IP address given to the iPad does not appear to be bridged to the Parallels VM, so on the iPad does not work

I also tried plugging the MacBook Air into a small router running DHCP via a USB ethernet cable. Then sharing this connection over WIFI. The ipad connects to the Macbook Air and is given ip address so I then tried using:-

sudo ifconfig bridge100 alias  (bridge100 is the Parallels bridge)
sudo ipfw add fwd tcp from to dst-port 80

This did not work either.

Can anyone think of a better solution. Please note that I have to use the VM running under Parallels this cannot be changed.

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