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I stuffed up (basically wiped) my PATH variable.

Is there any way to reset it to the default?

I look at How do I reset the $PATH variable on Mac OS X?, but I find it very confusing. As far as I know I stuffed up my ~/.profile file.

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I have the following in my ~/.profile:


The first PATH declaration overrides any existing PATH setting (it doesn't include $PATH). The path used is the OS X default.

The second line appends ~/bin to the PATH and it is a personal preference, not a default.

After edit, restart your session — or use command source ~/.profile to activate the changes immediately.

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Thanks a million man - everything so far has been insanely confusing - your advice is incredibly straightforward and easy to follow –  Jaco Pretorius Apr 11 '11 at 17:09

The file can have the name .bash_profile or .profile - one solution could be to rename the file e.g. mv ~/.bash_profile ~/.bash_prolile.old and then restart your machine and see if it helped.

You can also try to edit the file, and then maybe you'll see the wrong PATH, which you then can edit.

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