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Is there a way to set some kind of "wake for network access" behaviour on my Mac without using a Bonjour Sleep Proxy?

I have a Mac with OS X 10.8.5, but no Apple TV nor Time Capsule or other stuff. I am happy with Unix solutions that require a bit of install and tuning on my laptops.

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Wake on Lan works great on Macs with the following configuration :

  • Connected using an Ethernet cable.
  • Port forwarding if you're behind a NAT Router.
  • Enable wake on network access
  • A sleepy Mac (not Shutdown, it has to be on sleep)

That's it !

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Thanks for the hint! Indeed, a wakeonlan script obtained at [] works perfectly fine. This now prompts a new question: what can I do to tell the waked-up Mac to not go back to sleep too early? At the moment, it only answers my pings for about 30 seconds before sleeping again. – phs Jan 7 '14 at 16:04
Using a ssh session, I use caffeinate (It prevent the system from going to sleep) – Matthieu Riegler Jan 7 '14 at 16:41

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