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Hello everyone—I'm having really bizarre issues with my macbook charging. Prepare for a lot of information. The facts are these:

  • I have an A1286 15" unibody macbook pro
  • My genuine apple 85w charger, brand new, stopped working last night after three days of working fine
    • That charger continues to work with my father's 13" unibody macbook pro
  • My father's 60w charger does work with my macbook (and his, of course), but I'm afraid to continue using it because I don't want it to stop working like mine just did
  • I had previously used an aftermarket charger which, after a few months of use, sparked when I plugged it in and seemed to cause damage to the connection port. Nothing was affected, but two months later, things are malfunctioning
  • I have tried resetting the SMC and thoroughly cleaning both sides of the connection, but neither worked.

It seems like there's something going on with the MagSafe drive, but it's bizarre that the chargers worked temporarily and that my dad's still does, so I'm perplexed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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