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What command is used to create a symbolic link/soft link?

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┌── ln(1) link, ln -- make links
│   ┌── Create a symbolic link.
│   │                         ┌── the path to the intended symlink
│   │                         │   can use . or ~ or other relative paths
│   │                   ┌─────┴────────┐
ln -s /path/to/original /path/to/symlink
              └── the path to the original file/folder
                  can use . or ~ or other relative paths


echo "baz" > foo
ln -s foo bar  
ls -al    bar  # bar -> foo
cat       bar  # displays contents of foo: baz

For more information about ln(1) see the man page.

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to make it (even more) clear. /path/to/original is the file or folder pointed to by the symlink in /path/to/symlink –  Juan Feb 11 at 16:42

The command is called ln. If used with the option -s it will create a symbolic link in the current directory:

ln -s /any/file/on/the/disk linked-file
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