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There are two main categories in Kindle App for iPad:

  • Books - contains books purchased from Amazon; highlights are available at https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights — it works fine for me.
  • Personal Documents - contains all other books; highlights are not available online.

So, I have book purchased at different source than Amazon and I would like to be able to export my highlights and notes to a text file (or any other common format). My approaches so far:

  • As far as I know, https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights is available for Books category and thus, for Amazon-purchased books only. There are no entries from "Personal Documents"
  • I cannot move my book from Personal Document to Books - there is no such option in Kindle App. There is no such option on Amazon's "Manage Your Kindle" site too.
  • There is no option to export all highlights. Kindle app has option to share a highlight via Facebook or Twitter, but there is no option for copy or export it.

I synced my book with Kindle Touch and highlights are synced successfully. But:

  • There is no export option in Kindle Touch too.
  • I am unable to read highlights content on my cpu. The file with highlights has extension .azw3r and contains relative references, for example: annotation.personal.highlight 283390 283606.
  • There are no entries in My Clippings text file (there are entries there but for non-synced books).

The question is: How can I export my highlights and notes from iPad Kindle App to a TXT or any other common file?

Note I'm using Windows but I put this question to Apple.SE since the root problem comes from iPad.

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Basically it's a Kindle problem but let's see whether anybody has an answer. –  patrix Dec 23 '13 at 19:54

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