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My external hard drive didn't recognize one of the partitions so I had to bring it to the support guys in order to restore the files if possible.

They gave me back the hard disk with some of those files restored as well as the partition of the Time Machine restored.

I got very surprised when I saw the time machine restored copy was only 500 MB instead of the 500 GB I though it was (i would say it was much more bigger than this for sure…), but well, I want to try to see if it works.

Now, I don't know how to tell Time Machine that my time machine copy is there, as I want to restore a file in my computer.

The current structure on the partition is a folder with the username (iMac of USERNAME) and inside a few folders named with this other structure YYYY-MM-DD-NUMBERS as well as one called "Latest".

I'm not sure if this is the correct structure for a time machine partition or if I should just get rid of the folder named "iMac of…" and just place there its content instead.

I'm a bit lost… when I try to tell Time Machine that that's my copy for Time Machine, it starts restoring again, which I don't want right now. Now, when I open the Time Machine app, nothing happens…

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