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I am using Magic Mouse with my iMac having OS X Mavericks 10.9.

Everything was working fine since today morning, I realized that my magic mouse is only responding to scrolling and primary, secondary click. All other gestures of magic mouse are not working.

And another issue I don't know related or not is Google Chrome does not scroll. Restarting Chrome fixes problem for 2-5 minutes but not permanently.

I use all gestures frequently for spaces, zooming, swapping, navigating, etc and I am having very difficulty without these features.

Things I have tried:

  1. checking/reseting magic mouse settings from system preferences
  2. OFF/ON magic mouse
  3. disconnect/connect magic mouse
  4. Restarted iMac, pressed power button and "command+shift+p+r" and from troubleshoot screen, verify/repair disk utility, OS Disk
  5. Connect mouse with other iMac (mouse is fine)

After all these things, problem still exists. I have googled it and I have found out that many people have received this problem but I couldn't find any solution.

Does anyone here know about this issue and have some solution??

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