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According to this answer over at SuperUser, OS X's terminal app should use Alt+Mouse Click to send mouse events to applications running in the terminal. I tried that with the Midnight Commander, but it does not work. I am running OS X Mavericks.

Is there any way to enable mouse support in the terminal app, short of switching to iterm2 or something like that?

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What do you mean by "short of switching"? I'd recommend you to switch to iTerm. There is a SIMBL plugin provided by this answer. So I'd say, the answer to your question is no(why would they code a plugin, if there is native mouse support ;)) –  napcae Dec 8 '13 at 10:56

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Indeed, OS X Terminal can receive mouse input through ⌥-clicking:

However, certain Terminal apps don't receive the passed mouse input.

You can install MouseTerm which will pass mouse events to the terminal.

  • Mouse button reporting.
  • Mouse scroll wheel reporting.
  • Simulated mouse wheel scrolling for programs like less (i.e. any fullscreen program that uses application cursor key mode).
  • Terminal profile integration (with preferences dialog).

It's a SIMBL plugin, so you'll need to install SIMBL to make it work. I recommend installing EasySIMBL instead though.

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EasySIMBL plus MouseTerm works! Awesome. –  Arne Dec 8 '13 at 20:00
Suburb! When knowing these kind of tricks makes live so much easier. –  CousinCocaine Mar 10 at 12:39

iTerm 2 supports all mouse interactions out of the box.

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Yes see the accepted answer (or test it on your machine) –  Matteo Mar 10 at 12:18
Only a very limited amount of mouse interactions are supported with Terminal.app. iTerm2.app handles them all. –  Simon Fredsted Mar 10 at 13:06

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