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I backed up my phone before I updated to iOS 7 using the Back Up Now button in iTunes.

After I updated my applications and photos were gone.

I tried using Restore Backup but it asks me for a password even though none was set and the Encrypt iPhone backup option was unchecked (and still is).

I tried using the Restore iPhone option and it wiped all my work accounts and settings (going to be a productive day at work tomorrow).

Then I tried to connect to iTunes and it started restoring all of my applications but all of my photos were gone.

I tried restoring an earlier backup that my wife did from her phone and the backup is not encrypted with password so I'm guessing maybe it's a work requirement? But I have no idea what password it grabbed to do this.

I thought by backing up my phone before upgrading would be failsafe.

  • Does the Back Up Now option actually back up the photos on the phone?
  • Any suggestions for what password the phone would have used to encrypt my backup without me even setting on?
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