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I recently bought an SSD in the switch service shop (128 GB) and made my MacBook Pro (15-inch early-2011) a Fusion Drive (my HDD is 500 GB 5400 rpm) and then as expected my MacBook Pro booted up in under 25 sec, which was good.

However then after some tests with Disk Speed Test and Terminal I saw that the SSD wasn't showing off.

When I copied a folder, the HDD did all the work and the file got written at 50-60 MB/s. Furthermore, I looked at the iostat (disk0 is SSD, disk1 is HDD) - when I copy a folder, the 2 Drives do something, but the write speed resembles the one from HDD (50-60 MB/s). My Terminal says that the SSD and the HDD both are copy/pasting the file but the file gets pasted at 50 MB/s.

Then when I run the Disk Speed Test the HDD gets filled and the results are 40-70 MB/s, and the SSD stays at 0.

The SSD doesn't do anything, so therefore I don't see good results…

Do I have to take my MBP back and repair it? or am I doing something wrong?

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