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For my research I have a number of text (txt or doc) files. These have a large quantity of newspaper clippings in them.

I'd like to split these text files. Each clipping starts with

document X of Y

I know of the split command line tool - is there some way to use split to divide the large text file into the Y number of files as indicated in the larger single (doc or txt) file generated by LexisNexis?

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Split allows for a regexp pattern match so simply:

split -p pattern longfile.doc

Would start each new file when pattern was found. Nailing down which regexp matches your specific file might be better suited for but perhaps you know how to craft regexp and didn't realize split would match a pattern.

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Unfortunately i am not familiar with either regexp or split. I found that one can use the command. Are you able to provide me with some more directions? – wierts Nov 20 '13 at 17:44

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