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I ran into a sitation where I wanted to search for images that had a certain keyword, but I wanted the results to follow the folder/project/album hierarchy.

So basically I wanted the keyword search just to hide all images that didn't match the selection criteria.

At present, you can select an object, and filter for that object, but the results are then flat -- there is no structure.

So for example, I do a lot of outdoor photography. Yearly variation is important, and I can often remember the time of year, but not the year. Aperture has cool date filters that allow me to filter a collection by month. But then it all shows up as a single block of photos.

What I want to have happen is apply the date filter -- Month = February, then still see my hierarchy, but non-matching photos hidden, and any folder that is empty due to the filter is greyed out.

Answers: Is there a plugin for Aperture that does this sort of thing. (Is the API for Aperture even capable of this?)

Is there an alternative to Aperture that has this behaviour?

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