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I have one Macbook pro and two monitors (one monitor and one TV I am using both of them with my Macbook pro with cables).

I use this Macbook for business and development work. I would like to simultaneously use this Macbook for dev work and one Mac mini I do not have yet for business work.

I want to be able to use the keyboard + the trackpad of my macbook pro for my Macbook and my Mac mini. I also want to display the Mac mini output on one of my two monitors (not on my Macbook pro).

Any idea how I could set this up?

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to Nixem and bdecaf Thanks for your answers. I upvoted both of them as they are potential solutions to my question but can't accept both of them as the answer to my question. – politicus Nov 19 '13 at 8:29

Synergy is amazing! You can check it out at it's pretty great software! I use it in my office to use one Keyboard and Mouse for a bunch of machines I have. Even works between OSX, Linux and PCs.

Check out the site... It is a free download! It's pretty awesome stuff. Hope this helps!

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I think you could use something like teleport or alike.

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