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Again, title says it all.

On a normal Mac keyboard, shortcuts for font increase/decrease are:

SHIFT CMD < - decrease SHIFT CMD > - increase

However, on a laptop keyboard the latter doesn't work. I just can't reach the ">" key while CMD pressed. Turn on the keyboard viewer and see for yourself.

I press SHIFT, the "<" turns to ">", so far so good... but once i press CMD (while still holding SHIFT), it goes back to "<" so I can only decrease font size, but not increase.

These shortcuts are speeding up the workflow tremendously, I wan't 'em! :-)

Any suggestions? Thanx...

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What language keyboard are you using? – Tom Gewecke Nov 18 '13 at 12:57

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OK, I've found the answer. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to any Word 2011 command. Go to Tools, then Customize Keyboard. Choose Format category. Find GrowFont and assign a keyboard shortcut to it. Find ShrinkFont and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

I assigned CMD+SHIFT+Arrow keys (up to grow, down to shrink).

They make no conflicts to me, and they are Word only.

These two single keyboard shortcuts make worlds of difference when editing docs.

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  • Increase the font size: -+
  • Decrease the font size: --
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CMD+ "+" changes to superscript, are you using custom shortcuts? – Andrei Nov 12 at 11:17

Increase the font size : COMMAND + SHIFT + >

Decrease the font size : COMMAND + SHIFT + <

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This is exactly what the OP said didn't work. – Tetsujin Jun 25 at 15:34
Its working for me. You can refer:… – Shashank Jain Jun 26 at 7:22
'Working for me' really doesn't help the OP at all. It adds nothing. – Tetsujin Jun 26 at 7:24

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