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I have a single drive that is shared via the usb on my airport extreme. Works great.

That single drive actually has two partitions. I use them for different reasons. (movies and stuff on one, backup on another.)

That's just background. My question is, when I mount these drives, the WAY that I mount them makes them have different icons!

-- If I have them automatically get mounted by means of having the volume be one of the startup items (in control panel->users) then it looks like a greyish blue drive with little people holding hands. BUTTT if I mount one manually, myself, by going to Go -> Network ... the icon looks brighter blue and has the wifi symbol on it.

See this picture! Both are from the same drive, but simply loaded via a different command! What is the significance ... or the "why" ... of those two different icons?

the shared drive icons... varying

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