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I've just switched to the Mavericks operating system in my Mac. I used to utilize a quite nice app called "cdto" that serves to open a terminal at the current directory where Finder is. The point is that now "cdto" does not seem to work with Mavericks. Before I used to utilize "OpenTerminalHere" but it is now obsolete.

Anyone with the same problem and any solution?

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Please download the latest version at : https://github.com/jbtule/cdto/releases

Note: on Marvericks, you need to hold down the Command Key to drag the cdto.app into the toolbar.

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I haven't had any issues with it since upgrading to Mavericks. What version are you using and what happens when you open it?

The latest, 2.5 (signed for Gatekeeper compatibility), appears to work. You can download it here: https://code.google.com/p/cdto/downloads/detail?name=cdto_2.5_sign.zip

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I think I was doing something wrong. It is necessary to hold on the command key before dragging the app to the Finder toolbar. Thanks for the help.

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