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30/30 is a slick task manager for iOS devices that's also free. I'm trying to find an equivalent app for OS X. Some of the features in 30/30 that I would like to see in a mac app are:

  • Clean interface
  • Cycle a set of tasks ad infinitum (good for those long code-coffee-code-reddit-read-coffee-... cycles)
  • Start/stop/pause a task and adjust a task's time temporarily (e.g. +5/-5 mins)
  • Free or less than $5

Does anyone know of such an app? Here's a screenshot of 30/30 on an iPhone.

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P.S. Some of the requirements can be relaxed, for reasonable definitions of "relaxed"... –  rm -rf Nov 12 '13 at 21:08

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There's the Reminders app in Mavericks, but you can also try Anxiety: http://www.anxietyapp.com

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