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I use a lot of different spaces for my fullscreen applications to get me focus on the different tasks I have to do. For example, I have a space with my mail app, subversion app, safari and so on.

To switch between my active apps I use + tab all the time. Even though the icon of my fullscreen apps appears when tabbing and the menubar getting active, I don't see the app. Only when I go to Mission Control and click the app it will switch to the fullscreen window.

Is there a setting or a shortcut to achieve this without using the mouse?

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yes, there is. Activated System Preferences -> Mission Control -> When switch to an application, switch to space…

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This setting is already activated, so unfortunately not a solution for this/my problem –  MysticEarth Nov 12 '13 at 10:02
Did you turn it on and off again? ;) This works, the only exception is Finder! –  Sebastian Semmler Dec 9 '13 at 13:34
Does not work for me either in a specific app (Project Zomboid, works fine elsewhere. –  Fabien Snauwaert Mar 8 at 16:22

ctrl + cursor keys

Can be changed in system preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Mission Control

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