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I am interested in getting netflow data from an apple airport. Netflow is a Cisco and internet standard that is used in network monitoring. My airport extreme supports SNMP and I use that for monitoring ,but netflow would give me a list of hosts. Any idea how to get this information?

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Whilst an AirPort Extreme does support SNMP as you mentioned, they do not export Netflow data (unless something has changed recently).

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I'm collecting netflow data from my Airport Express. I have an OpenBSD machine acting as the router for my AIRPORT VLAN (one of very many VLANs) and use the following in pf.conf (it collects pflow data for all passed packets):

set state-defaults pflow

# AIRPORT is the "descr" for the associated VLAN interface
pass in  on AIRPORT     all label "AIRPORT in"
pass out on AIRPORT     all label "AIRPORT out"

Send the collected pflow data to your netflow server on port 12345 on host

# cat hostname.pflow0
flowsrc flowdst

Just setup a small little OpenBSD machine to handle your internal network routing and that's all there is to it. If you setup a VLAN trunk on an OpenBSD physical interface and tag all associated VLANs on the connected switch port then you're good to go.

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