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At the moment I can play my iTunes library in 2 rooms of my house, from the iMac in the office and through the Apple TV in the lounge. I would like to purchase at least one Airplay compatible device so that music can be streamed into other rooms.

All I have been able to find is the B&W Zepplin Air, which is a bit big and expensive for what I want. Does anyone have any other recomendations?

I am aware that I could do this with the Airport Express, but I would rather have a 1 box solution.

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iHome should be releasing their iW1 soon, which they debuted at CES

iW1 AirPlay wireless speaker system with rechargeable battery.

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Awesome, rechargeable is even better! – LC1983 Mar 26 '11 at 16:14

To extend your options, you can play music from iTunes through any stereo with bluetooth. I can't find it on google, but I've seen it done.

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