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I just got an iPhone 5s. My wireless plan is with AT&T and includes unlimited cellular data. When I open the Music app and go to iTunes Radio, a dialog appears stating:

Use Cellular Data?

Additional fees may apply when using cellular data for iTunes Radio, iTunes Match, and Automatic Downloads.

Is AT&T charging additional fees for using these services, or is this dialog only warning about the high rate of data usage that may cause limited-data subscribers to exceed their monthly data allowances?

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No you won't be charged anything extra. The dialog is only warning you about the high data usage.

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I received my bill, and it did not include any additional fees for the service. I received an SMS from AT&T that I was about to exceed 5 GB of data transfer for the month, after which my transfers would be rate-limited. – bneely Dec 10 '13 at 18:53

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