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I have a first-generation Airport Express that has the common failure of simply not powering on. There are several sites showing how to open or repair the device, but all basically involve destroying the exterior and/or keeping it in two (exposed) parts afterwards.

Is there any way to get this fixed without destroying it? I have no Apple Care - do Apple consider doing repairs (for less than the cost of a new one)? It seems like a waste to chuck it and buy a new one. Or perhaps it is announced as a manufacturing defect? I couldn't find anything like that. Any chance of a friendly Apple Store employee getting a replacement, at least saving the full cost?

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I don't believe that the Airport Express is considered a serviceable product. As you have seen from the repair sites it isn't easily opened. A repair from Apple isn't likely to be available or cost effective. It never hurts to ask though -- especially at the Genius Bar where they have some discretion depending on your situation.

Without destroying the exterior, you are likely faced with getting a replacement. You could save some money by buying a refurbished Airport Express from Apple. And perhaps even sell your old one for parts on eBay in case someone else wants to split it open.

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