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In 10.9 Mavericks the default for the Finder is to now open the selected folder in the same window instead of a new tab or window. How do I go back to the old behavior where a new window (or tab) is opened for each folder?

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The closest solution is to go to Finder Preferences > General, uncheck the "Open folders in tabs instead of new windows" option, and then use Cmd + double click to open in a new window.

Source: Apple Support Communities - Mavericks Finder - how default to "double click opens new window"?

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3 ways:

  • Close sidebar, right click tool bar in window and "hide". Now you can double-click to open.

  • Command-click folder

  • Turn on right button clicking for the mouse in System Preferences. Then right click for sub menu and "open in new window"

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This first suggestion helps/works and is what I came here looking for, though to clarify it's even easier than this: any Finder window that doesn't have the sidebar has the old (better) behavior of opening in a new window (if the Preferences are set properly), and CMD Option T is the shortcut. Happily, 10.9 seems to do a good job of remembering Window settings as well, so once the sidebar is hidden then the window should work properly from then on. – Elliott Feb 7 '14 at 3:42

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