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I want to see the system files for the Apple iPad on my computer but the problem is when I plug the iPad to my Windows 7 PC, Windows opens it as a storage device with only some wallpaper -- I can't see any system files.

My question is, how can I see the system and content files for the iPad?

I want to modify the system files to change one of the iPad keyboards to support my language.

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This doesn't sound like something Apple would let you do - has the iPad been jailbroken yet? – Phoshi Apr 27 '10 at 19:10
What is the language you need? – Tom Gewecke May 31 '13 at 23:51

Jailbreak your ipad using and you will have total access to the filesystem

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To access the file system on an iPad you will need to jailbreak it. Then you can install ssh and use that to access the filesystem. This guide provides some details.

The reason that you aren't able to see the system files on the iPad when you simply connect it to your computer is because you aren't meant to. Apple hides all of the internal system details to keep the iPad a simple to use consumer device. Most people don't need to modify or even see the system files. Before heading straight for the system internals, consider there may be a simpler way to achieve your goal.

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A certain number of custom keyboards are available on the App Store... maybe this could be the easiest solution for you.

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You will definitely need to jailbreak (which i recommend for), and then you will probably want to download the cydia app called iFile. iFile allows you to view and edit a wide range of files directly from your iPad. It costs some money but it is worth it.

If you're looking for something free or need to manage the files from you computer i recommend PhoneBrowse by

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