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I'm looking for a mp3 player software that lets you go back say 5 seconds of the audio clip by pressing the left arrow key.

I'm using this as a means to memorize, and I used to use winamp on the PC and was wondering what choices I have on a Mac.

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As always VLC will do that for you. The key combination:

+^ +

from within VLC will skip forward 5 seconds. Left arrow for backwards.

You can also change the key combination, as well as skip, 10 or more seconds depending on the combination you choose from the menu, VLC>Prefernces>Hotkeys: enter image description here

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VLC is always a good bro. Never letting you down ! – Matthieu Riegler Oct 18 '13 at 1:20
@MatthieuRiegler : those French they know how to code. – Deesbek Oct 18 '13 at 1:24

iTunes is highly scriptable.

You could write a one line AppleScript and then assign it to the the key combination of your choice.

-- iTunes Back 5
tell application "iTunes" to set player position to (player position - 5)


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To do what you want I would suggest following :

  • Create an automator service
  • Add a run AppleScript action
  • Select service receives no input
  • Copy the following code in the AppleScript action : tell application "iTunes" to set player position to (player position - 5)
  • Save you service
  • Go to the System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard shortcut
  • Add your a shortcut to your newly created service.
  • Enjoy your new shortcut !
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