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I'm in college, so I would like it if my computer/phone reminded me about classes, meetings, etc., but without an email alert.

For repeating events I go in and make one, set the times and when it repeats, but when I go to the alerts and change the top on to message with sound, and then change it to 30 minutes before, and apply, it changes it to email 10 minutes before, and message 10 minutes before. This is not what I want!!!

I've tried just exiting out without clicking apply, but that only changes one. I've tried the edit button that pops up when I double click, then change all future events, but it only changes that one, then adds an alert to all the ones after at the wrong time.

All I want is to change "all future events" to alert with sound 30 minutes before. Please help! This has been driving me insane!

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