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I don't think I've used x11 since switching to Mountain Lion (and thus Xquartz). I recently tried to use it and my key repeat isn't working. When I press a key, it inserts the corresponding character once, then a second time after (very roughly) a quarter second, then never repeats again. I've tried xset r and xset r on from both my x11 terminal, and normal --- neither has any effect.

Any suggestions?

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From @jaykru on SuperUser.SO (

Did some more searching and discovered in recent updates the key repeat rate for x in OS X is set at some odd value. Anyway, to whoever else may have this issue, run this in your shell:

    xset r rate <milliseconds_before_repeat> <repeats_per_second>

Or just xset r rate to reset the keyboard repeat rate to default X settings (i.e: something sane.)

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i can't get xinitrc to not choke on xset's. – Wyatt8740 Apr 25 at 20:46

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