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I know how to set the key repeat rate using System Preferences > Keyboard but it looks that the fastest settings is not enough.

Is there any way to speed up even more?

I do not know if others encountered the same issue, but I'm using a MacBook Pro, model 2010.

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You can also change the preference keys directly:

defaults write -g InitialKeyRepeat -int 10 # normal minimum is 15 (225 ms)
defaults write -g KeyRepeat -int 1 # normal minimum is 2 (30 ms)

The changes aren't applied until you log out and back in. KeyRepeat can't be set between 2 (30 ms) and 1 (15 ms) though.

I also use KeyRemap4MacBook. I've set the repeat rates to 40 ms and the initial repeat rates to 150 ms.

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I just discovered that I had KeyRemap4MacBook installed and inside this application you have lots of low level settings for key repeat.

Now I'm happy with 400ms initial repeat time and 20ms reteat wait.

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I have the same problem on OSX Lion on an iMac: the max repeat speed in System Preferences > Keyboard is insufficient (I use vim where fast repeated keystrokes really speed up navigation - but the faster speed is also useful in browsers). Thx for the KeyRemap4MacBook tip - works great. –  kfmfe04 Jan 24 '12 at 12:08
This app has been renamed Karabiner and the options for Key Repeat are currently in the top row of tabs under "Key Repeat" between "Change Key" and "Status Message". Works great, was able to reduce it too far and bump it back up to sanity. –  here Sep 15 '14 at 17:53

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