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Is there any way to repeat a video while it's playing in slow motion?

I tried using both QuickTime and VLC. I don't see a way to control the playback speed in QuickTime, and the problem with VLC is that when the video replays, it loses the playback speed setting.

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VLC should be able to do this. Have you tried to choose "Slower" from the "Playback" menu? – james.garriss Jan 23 '12 at 19:02
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You can do this with QuickTime 7. Grab a copy off the Mac OS X Install DVD.

Go Window-> AV Controls and change the playback speed. (Or something with a similar name)
Then View-> Loop for repeating.

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This works. The only problem is that the slowest it can go is 1/2 speed. – Senseful Apr 2 '11 at 3:50

Option-clicking the forward button increases playback speed by 0.1. Clicking the backward button plays videos in reverse though. You can set the rate between 0 and 1 by running this in AppleScript Editor:

tell application "QuickTime Player" to set rate of document 1 to 0.8

In Movist you can press ⇧⌘← or adjust the slider in the control HUD.

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